RIP Brigitte Borchert

Brigitte Borchert

Brigitte Borchert

You may not have heard of this lady but she recently died 100 years old.
In 1929 she was a girl selling records at a store in Berlin when the then unknown young writer (and taxi-dancer or gigoloBilly Wilder asked her to be in his movie.

“Menschen am Sonntag” (People on Sunday) is a semi- or fake documentary about a group of young people spending a Sunday by a lake in Berlin in 1929.

None of the stars had ever acted before and some of the footage was filmed with hidden or subtle camera and thus gives an amazing insight into what daily life in Berlin around 1929 really was like.

The movie was made on a shoestring budget with money borrowed from one of the makers dads and shot over several sundays that year because everyone had to work during the week.

It may not surprise you that together with “Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt” this movie was a great inspiration to me when I created The 1920s Berlin Project.

And as you watch the movie you may see lots of little things that seem familiar to you.

Oddly enough when watching it I see people who remind me of people who visit Berlin today 🙂

Secretly I hope, against my better judgement, that fraulein Borchert is now having eternal lazy Sundays somewhere.

You can watch this entire movie online on youtube in 5 parts, here is the first one;

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