Tonight we enjoyed another great evening of typical 1920s kabarett at the Odeon here in Berlin.

The pictures can be seen here;

Flickr album

As was typical of this 1920s style of German cabaret nobody was spared.

I tried to hide behind my chair but there is no hiding from Kabarett!

Of course I will deny that I chase after men half my age! 😉

German Kabarett was different from the cabaret in other countries at this time.

It was (in)famous and the subject of a certain very famous musical and film we all know 🙂

Kabarett in the Weimar era was characterized by (political) satire, gallows humour, sarcasm, critisim, sketches, satire and parodies.

Sometimes even without any show elements!

The Berlin crowds often spend evenings simply listening to someone on stage poking fun of everything and everyone.

Before 1918 any form of public criticism were banned or censored so when the war ended and these bans were being lifted the entertainment industry broke free.

We’re very happy to have this kind of entertainment in our sim, perhaps even unique for ‘Second LIfe’.



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