The Reichswehr


It seems the German Army is getting back on its feet and barracks in our own neighbourhood have started recruiting again.

You too should join the Reichswehr!

The Berlin Kommando der Wachtruppe is now recruiting! Will you join your brothers in the defense of your country? Enlist today and march in the ranks of the most elite regiment in the Reich.

Enlistment is open to all German male citizens of good character, strong constitution and clean police record above the age of 17. Weapons, gear, food and drink shall be provided. Successful enlistees shall provide their own uniforms for free tailoring by the regimental tailor. Awards and promotions available to men of promise and daring!

Do not delay! Sign up at the nearest enlistment post or contact the recruiters listed below!

Oberleutnant Ernst Osterham (Ernst Osterham)
Feldwebel Kasimir Heska (Sergeant OHanlon)

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