We have reached our 100% on the donation meter this month.

Great news, it means we can pay the tiers to the Linden Company.

If we could not pay the tiers I’d would to pay for it all myself and although I love Berlin very very much, if I had to pay for it eventually I’d have to shut it down.

We fill the donation meter with all your donations but also the rent and the money our supporters donate every month.

Our little Herr Oskar puts some of the money in the tier meter every now and then whenever we get donations outside the meter.

So every time you see that he has made a big donation he is not doing that to make things look brighter then they are, he is doing that to top it up with the other income Berlin gets.

Even if you just rent a room and don’t have any money to put in the donation meter, you ARE supporting the project and your money is in the meter too!

So when I say thank you to you all, it includes everyone who has spend any pfennig on rent in Berlin.

Thank you!

Hopefully I can give you this good news again next month.

Because no matter how great things are going in our city (and they are!) it will always remain a big job to fill up the donation meter.

Well, until I marry some famous UFA moviestar… 😉

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