Destination Guide


Because we’ve been selected to headline at the Destination guide pages on the Second Life website, we’ve been receiving a lot more traffic.

Together with all the events we’ve been having, Berlin is buzzing.

Culturally we are also going trough an ‘Golden Age’, with one event after the other.

Two days ago we had 245 visitors at the Teleportplatz, about 200 more then usual.

This only counts the people who actually teleport in at that spot, so not those who use a LM to teleport straight into the city like the locals do.

Yesterday we had 200 visitors.

And yes, of course many of these are curious bystanders who just see something they like, have a look around and never return.

Many are even nutcases escaped from the local Noob Asylum who ignore all the signs and run trough the city in their modern outfits or something totaly unrealistic or unauthentic who get ejected or banned before they even cross the square.

BUT I have seen many new faces and names of people who I reckon will be back.

Sensible well dressed avatars who take their time to explore the city, talk to the locals and who seem like they feel right at home.

So that is a good thing, not to mention our traffic getting even higher.

I remember the first time we were selected for the destination guide or showcase as it was called then.

The paint in the sim was not even dry when this happened, we didn’t have any police force at all and a teleport area right in the middle of the town.

A surprised and shocked frl Edelman and myself were suddenly overrun with the most colourful avatars that we had to run after and try and control.

Absolute madness.

So this new sadly temporary influx of lots of new people shows us that the new welcoming system we have in Berlin works very well.

A LOT less trouble makers bother us downstairs in the city, more of them understand what is expected of them and either adapt or leave.

And of course it also shows how grateful we have to be for our police force.

These volunteers who help us keep some of the trouble makers from bothering our tenants.

I am lucky to have access to the Police forum where they share the screenshots, schatlogs and also the threats, insults and horrendous discussions they have to suffer.

Amazing stuff.

We don’t appreciate these coppers half as much as we should!

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