It has been a few days since we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of The 1920s Berlin Project.

What a fantastic day it was although putting it right after the most insane ‘Relaxed Rules Day’ ever is not something I’ll do again.

Blimey, I aged 10 years in 2 days 😉

But it was worth it, we had lots of fun with a fantastic group of people.

I’ll post the ‘thank you’ note I send around here;

Dear Berliners, friends.

The last couple of days have been amazing and during all the partying I’ve not really had time to put under words what this community means to me.
Yes this is the soft mushy speech bit you hoped to have escaped during the Anniversary celebrations.
And yes I will be repating myself. So feel free to skip to the end of all this where I have a nice surprise for you.

Anyway, when I came to SL in 2007 I saw a world where people were only interested in shopping, virtual hanky panky and chatting and left within days of trying SL.
A few years later I returned to SL to try my new computer and by luck discovered there were people here who loved vintage and history like me.
I talked about my passion for Berlin in the 1920s, people got enthousiastic and here we are, over 2 years later in a big full region city community like no other in SL.
For this I have YOU to thank. Of course, I am the brilliant, fantastic, amazing yet very modest genius who build this sim.
But you are the reason it is more then just a skybox and whi its even still here.
The community, this rare group of people who bring this neighbourhood to life, you are why Berlin is doing better then ever before. It has become a living thing that you are all part of, much more then (never enough) prims.
It sounds tacky but it is true; YOU are Berlin.

I won’t mention any names because there are too many and I’ll forget half.
But special thanks to everyone who has been or is part of this project.
From those that have been with me since the very first days of that wacky little skybox to those who have only just arrived in the last few days and have jumped in with their arms wide open.
From those who make huge donations, are our much honoured supporters to those who can only afford to donate a few pfennigs now and then.
From those who visit every event and take part to the fullest to those who quietly sit in a corner and enjoy the atmosphere.
From those who help organise events, donate stuff for auctions, keep an eye on things, police the neighbourhood, to those who sit in der keller and sleep all day farting and smelling like cheap beer.
You’re all part of what makes this sim work. So thank you, a lot.

Anyway, Berlin IS doing better then ever and that is something very special.
If you have been following what is happening in SL you will have noticed that many sims are falling down, some bigger and with more experienced builders and financial support then us.
That Berlin is doing well is great but that it is doing well in these difficult times is amazing.
New exciting people keep joining, more events keep being organised and together we take care of problems.
Our shows and special occasions are becoming busier and more successful all the time.
As a smart person once said; This is the Golden Age of 1920s Berlin is now.
I think this is true but without you it will end and because of you it may last for ever.

SOOOOO enough mushy softy stuff.
Here is the present I’ve got for you… well to be honest this is a present from frl Rosemary Thyme!
She made this fantastic video tour of Berlin, enjoy!

Part 1:
Part 2:

Thanks to frl Thyme for that!

Here is to the 3rd year of the 1920s Berlin Project!

/me drinks another schnaps, burps and falls of her stool.


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  1. What a great blog and what a lovely video, Frll Thyme.

    Well done Jo, for your extremely hard work!!!

    Having seen the sim develop for more than a year I have come to appreciate your work in buildings this town. The amount of hours you spent placing brick by brick is staggering.

    And yet, your work in building this community has dwarfed even this amazing handywork.

    Having seen sims of breathtaking beauty – but empty – I have come to appreciate the work you put into building community.

    I am utterly grateful to be learning from you and draw my ‘1920s’ hats to you for this achievement.

    rgds Heike aka Gwen, German teacher in the Hindenburgschule

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